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Core Strength

It is important to test your abdominal muscles, as abdominal strength and muscle endurance is an indicator of core strength and therefore core stability and support of the lower back.

This is one of the 10 tests included in the Home Fitness Test Manual. See the list of other Fitness Tests you can do at home.

Equipment Needed (see more about equipment)

  • Timer - you can use your watch with a second hand, or a digital watch with a seconds display.

Sit Up Test

The aim of this test is to perform as many sit-ups as you can in one minute.

The starting position is lying on your back with your knees bent at right angles and feet flat on the floor. The arms are stretched out in front of you, with the hands resting on your thighs.

This test can be done with or without anchoring your feet. Your feet can be anchored under a chair or bed, or if available a second person can hold your ankles.

When ready, start the sit up by raising your upper body forward, sliding your hands along your thighs until the fingertips reach the top of your knees, and then lower the torso until the shoulder blades touch the ground. This is one complete sit up.

No bouncing or arching of the lower back is allowed, and the buttocks must remain in constant contact with the floor throughout the test. If required, resting during the test is permitted in either the up or the down position.

sit up test


Count the total number of correctly performed sit-ups in one minute. Do not count any that were not performed correctly as per the directions.

If your abdominal test performance is poor, there are a wide range of abdominal workouts to help improve abdominal strength and endurance. Avoid the fad abdominal workout machines; you can work the core muscle groups adequately with traditional exercises.

Data Recording Sheet

data recording sheet

a page for recording all of your results

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Rating Scale

rating scale

a unique rating scale for use with the home fitness test.

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Why Test?

Regular testing is important to measure fitness levels and monitor changes in fitness.

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What to Test

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How to Test

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