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How to Test

You should select fitness tests that have standardized procedures, so that you can ensure you are performing the test accurately and safely. If you use a standard test, there will be other test results for comparison.

If you use a modified version of the test, you should ensure that the same procedures are used each time the test is conducted. You should also perform the test under the same conditions - keep things as similar as you can each time.

You should be in the same physical condition - rest the day before and that morning, be well hydrated and wait a couple of hours since a good meal. You should do the same warm up, use the same equipment and test under the same environmental conditions.

The major benefit of fitness testing is to establish your strengths and weaknesses. This is done by comparing your test results to others in the form of normative tables. By comparing results you can see the areas which need improvement. This way valuable training time can be used more efficiently.

More details are in the Home Fitness Test Manual

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