"Hi Rob and team. Thank you for the resources you provide. They are invaluable for my teaching." Shane, Nov 2020


"very nicely explained and covered the basics" Andriana, May 2020.


"Thank you I found the resource very helpful. I actually used some of the fitness tests for my PE classes to do at home during lockdown. I was looking for some tests that were easy to set up, with diagrams and clear instructions. Thank you!" Tash, New Zealand, May 2020.


"The manual helped me a lot to complete my btec sports assignment " Sajitha, Jan 2020


"I actually used this test for my students at the elementary school where I work and it was excellent. I found it very useful. Especially the handouts to track your progress. It was simple to use and literally had what I was looking for in order to teach this unit. Thank you!" Joshua, Nov 2018


"The tests are good ones, and the explanations are very clear" Peter, Feb 2018


"Excellent and thorough tests, the rating scale clearly provides fitness goals to achieve." tommy, Jan 2018


"The Home Fitness test manual and instructions are well prepared and methodically well thought out. The selected exercises should present a good full body assessment of strength and conditioning levels and the test can be utilized for benchmarking fitness progress" Michael Gerdes September 2017


" I love your site and use it often" Tink, Ausgust 2017


"I thought the free download was great. I've just recently became a PT and there's ALOT of information out there on everything fitness related. This simple download was great for me. Simple and effective fitness tests for a variety of people. Thank you for making it free! It's so nice to b able to download something without all the catches." Jade, August 2017.


"the home fitness test manual gives clear direction and information and can be used by all ages." Marie Harrison August 2017.


"Thanks, I have just started out after finishing my Cert IV in personal training I think this is great source of information and intend to use it" from Colleen Madden April 2017.


"The Home Fitness Test is really amazing.It is very useful for me to track my progress.I have also forward it to my team members.Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I am looking forward for more manual like this." from Pranav Rajan, March 2017.


"Thanks for sending the home fitness test. I have passed the document on to my sons who, although they all ready have a fitness regime, thought that the information was informative. I particularly liked the aspect that it really doesn't cost a good deal to produce your own fitness workouts and to test my progress. Thanks again. Regards Dave" (March 2017)


"Thank you for the great information! We will be using this with our JOAD kids to give them a reality check and have them be more involved in overall fitness. Michael Lundeen" (March 2017)


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