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Here are some fitness testing equipment that can be used to assess your fitness at home.

beep test:
beep test image
The beep test is the most commonly performed test of aerobic fitness. With this cd and 20m of space you can test your own endurance fitness level
skinfold calipers: skinfold calipers There are some cheap skinfold calipers that can be used by yourself to test your body fat levels. Also slimguide calipers


The tests in the home fitness manual require some simple equipment (see list), much of which can be found around the home. See the list of equipment on the Home Fitness Test Manual page. If you do need to purchase anything, here are some products that can be used.

marker cones
Marker cones are used to mark out the starting and turning points for many tests.
tape measures:
measuring tape
larger tape measures are suitable for measuring running distances and height, and the smaller metal tapes are for measuring girths.
body weight scales: scales
Scales are required to measure body weight. Some types can also provide an estimate of your body fat percentage.
Stopwatches are useful for any timing event, such as running tests and the 1 minute sit up.


Media Products

fitness testing at home dvdBob Mann's Cross Training & Fitness Testing at Home

DVD containing two videos, Bob Mann's cross training and also his Fitness Testing at Home video.


fitness testing at home

Bob Mann's Fitness Testing at Home - video

The original video by Bob Mann - test your aerobic fitness, body fat composition and muscular fitness with Taina & Bob.  Video Running Time: approx. 30 Min.



Why Test?

Regular testing is important to measure fitness levels and monitor changes in fitness.

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What to Test

There are a large number of fitness tests, so it is important to select the most apporopriate test for your sport or fitness level.

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How to Test

It is important to follow standard procedures. You need a guide.

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